Breaking Dawn Trailer

The much awaited Breaking Dawn trailer has arrived! While this trailer has offered a glimpse of the film, it has resisted giving intricate details. I was hoping to see Bella’s dress and we only see her face. This will however give us something to look forward to. From the book’s description, she is supposed to look amazing on her wedding day, from what we see here, she looks very natural. What are your thoughts?  I am very pleased with Edward’s look in the trailer as I was not happy with his makeup in Eclipse. Overall, the trailer seems to be very true to the book. I am looking forward to viewing more trailers and of course the release on November 18, 2011. Not too far off now!


Bella’s Comforter Set

Target is selling a similar if not the same comforter as Bella’s from “Twilight,” titled “Home Flocked Comforter Set.” It looks exactly the same as the one you see in the films! Any Twilight fan would surely want this.

Eclipse Trailer

After the release of New Moon on DVD and Blu-ray, I cannot wait for Eclipse to come to theaters. Watching the first Eclipse trailer, makes for only a teaser of wanting to see more. Even though I have read all the books, I am still waiting for a release date for Breaking Dawn. I will post as soon as I know more information on Breaking Dawn.

What is Your Favorite Twilight Saga Book?

New Moon on DVD and Blu-ray

Where did everyone buy their copy of New Moon? I struggled over where to purchase my copy of New Moon.  So much to think about! There was the the objects that came with the copies, the dream catcher bag clip came with the Barnes and Noble’s copy, the extended Eclipse trailer with the Wal-mart copy and the medallion with the Borders’s copy. Then the quality of the film with the blu-ray edition and the two disc special editions to choose from.

Eclipse News!

The latest news on Eclipse. I just read on Perez Hilton’s website, that the first Eclipse trailer could be released this weekend with the movie Percy Jackson and The Olympians: The Lightening Theif! I have also heard rumors that the trailer would be released with the movie Remember Me, starring Robert Pattinson. Lets hope to see the first Eclipse trailer this Valentine’s Day weekend! Just a reminder that Eclipse the movie is coming out in just a few short months with a release date of June 30, 2010.

New Moon

I just went out and bought the New Moon collector’s edition book! I am so excited to read it all over again. Not to mention did you buy the soundtrack yet? The music so grabs the emotion of the book. Right on with the soundtrack — it is the perfect music!!!